Thursday, May 31, 2018

Josh's Jungle Park, Hamden

Josh's Jungle in Hamden is our newest discovery and it surely did not disappoint!

I feel as though we are constantly searching for and trying out new parks. And we lived in North Haven, less than two miles from this park, for over seven years and never knew about it!

It's located at 2875 Dixwell Avenue in Hamden, directly next to the Hamden library. 

The entire playground is good for all ages. My toddler loved it and there were several older kids enjoying it as well.

There's ramps in every direction to constantly get to a different level of the playscape and what's nice if there aren't many areas that kids can fall off, which I life.

The ground is soft and cushioned and makes for easy playing and few skinned knees! 

There were more slides than I could count and as you can see, my toddler wanted to try them all. 

The playground is well made and very well maintained. 

Throughout the playground there's different games and activities to keep your kids engaged and entertained, as if a giant playscape wasn't enough. 

I will add that the park does not have any swings. It is simply a very nice GIANT playscape. 

And my favorite part of this park and most parks that I recommend is that it's fenced in with one way in and one way out!

Have you been to Josh's Jungle yet?!

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