Monday, May 21, 2018

When life gives you lemons, suck them...

Curveballs. Life often throws them at you. And it's never just one. It's always several and they seem like they're back to back.

In my case, they totally were.

Sunday, May 6th was any normal Sunday. We had plans, we went about our normal day, everything was fine. We were tired from our March of Dimes walk in the morning so we ordered take out Chinese food. Nothing bad, seriously, just so I didn't have to cook. We gave Ness a bath and put him to bed. Not 5 minutes later, I was hunched over in pain in my kitchen. I felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach and back. Horrific pain I wouldn't wish on anyone. Well, I'd wish it on a few, but you get what I mean.
I lasted a little less than two hours before calling a neighbor to come over. Thankfully, she could stay with Ness while my husband took me to the ER. That 23 minute drive was the LONGEST 23 minutes. I was sure they'd tell me I had food poisoning, they'd pump my stomach, and I'd be home in a few hours. NOPE. Boy was I wrong. After 10 hours in the ER, I was scheduled for emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed. 10am surgery got moved to noon got moved to 3:30pm got moved to 6pm then thankfully I was taken in at 8:15pm. Let me tell you, that was a LONG 24 hours.
I spent the night at the hospital and wasn't sent home until the following afternoon because I had breathing complications during and after surgery.

For that entire week, I wasn't allowed to do much of anything. I couldn't lift anything bigger than a gallon of milk (including my two-year-old), I couldn't bend or stretch, I was literally stuck on my couch. My husband worked form home one day then I had friends come and go the next two days when he went back to work. It took a week til I was cleared to get back to normalcy, well, kind of, and allowed to drive.

So Tuesday, May 15th, I drove for the first time. I went with Ness to one of my husband's co-workers surprise happy hour baby shower. While there, the sky turned black. Like BLACK. It was hailing, insane winds, and just looked BAD. My phone rang a few times but I missed it. I got a few frantic texts from neighbors and called one of them back soon after. She told me a tornado had hit my neighborhood and a microburst was there too. She said to come home asap. So we left and headed home. We were 24 minutes away. Over 3 hours later, we got home. The roads were like driving through a nightmare. Trees down everywhere, blocking roads, on peoples' homes and cars, just devastation everywhere. No power. No running water.

Walking down our street the next morning (because we got home after dark) you could see the path of the microburst. Thankfully, our house was untouched. We have damage to our pool, our yard, and a huge chunk of our fence. But structurally, we are fine. Emotionally, we're a mess.

We were without power and running water for four days. Thankfully, we have amazing friends who took us in for showers, food, and, of course, wine!

Then, this weekend, my husband left for a business trip out of the country. So here we are, after two weeks, recovering from a major emergency surgery, dealing with aftermath of a tornado wreaking havoc on my town, and a husband gone.

So when I go a period of time like this without blogging, just know I've got good reason. Hopefully next time it's a happy reason, like I got surprised with a Caribbean vacation or something.


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