Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mixville Park, Cheshire

I love taking my son to parks. I love finding new parks, it's like uncovering a hidden gem. Mixville Park in Cheshire is just that - a hidden gem!

Mixville has a good sized playscape that appeals to a variety of ages, an assortment of swings, but the best part is the lake and beach!

They have a few animal seesaw rocking toys. I wish I knew what they were formally called, but my two year old LOVES them. he just climbs up, sits on the seat, holds onto the bar, and rocks away!

The swings are relatively new and don't squeak (a big perk for me!) when you push the kids. There's two baby swings and four big kid swings.

The big meadow does flood easily so if it rained the day or two before, be prepared for a trip through the mud to reach the beach! 

The playscape has several size slides and is good for all ages. Our two-year-olds loved it and the biggest slide isn't too big for them. 

The beach is seriously the best part of this hidden gem of a park! While it is still spring and summer isn't here yet, it makes for great playtime for the kids!

Have you been to Mixville Park before?!

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