Monday, September 17, 2018

Must Eat Monday: Stowe's Seafood, West Haven

Every time I'm craving fresh seafood, Stowe's is where we head! Right on the beach (well, across the street from the beach) with both indoor and outdoor seating, the fact there's rarely any parking available shows you just how popular they are with all of the locals!

I love their outdoor seating area. There's plastic tables and seats as well as benches. But we're big fans of their long wood community tables outside. Not to worry, the seating is covered in case it rains!

Totally authentic "hole in the wall" feel but with no fear of getting sick after! (hope that makes sense, ha ha)

Almost all of what they have it fried so fair warning if you're not into fried food. 

They do have AMAZING lobster rolls for reasonable prices too.

And it's important to note their sizes are GENEROUS. As in one order of food is usually enough for me and my husband. 

We tend to take a stroll across the street when we're done there because it's so pretty and never crowded and well, it helps us feel better about eating more than we probably should have!

Have you ever been to Stowe's in West Haven before?!

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