Saturday, October 13, 2018

Favorite Outfits

This week we've been incredibly busy and I share a daily outfit pic over on Instagram but figured I'd highlight my favorites from this week as people have been asking where to snag some of the pieces! 

We took family photos this week with my good friend, Jamie Morel, and I decided to wear a pop of color. Just a little out of my comfort zone but worth it. I forget how happy this dress makes me. And while it's a few years old, Zara seems to make classic yet trendy pieces that can stand the test of time!

Zara dress / Sam Edelman heels / JCrew necklace / Stella & Dot earrings 

When we hit up Fair Weather Acres this week, we had a little bit of a preppy feel going on I think. Ha! Would you agree?! These jeans I L-I-V-E in and cannot get enough of them. The interior waistband is elastic. Mom dream right there! And it was a bit chilly so I was finally able to bust out my favorite JCrew plaid scarf cape!

JCrew striped tee / JCrew plaid scarf / Wit and Wisdom jeans / Cole Haan driving mocs
Janie & Jack vest / Gymboree tee / Gymboree pants / Target shoes 

Do you ever find a piece of clothing in your closet that you totally forgot about and as soon as you put in on you ask yourself why you never wear it?! That is THIS piece for me. It's forever old from Ann Taylor but the belt sash adds a little something extra. Paired with white jeans and my Tory flats it's simple and classic for our family brunch date! And how fun are these VivianDrew earrings?!

White jeans / Navy top / Tory flats / Earrings 

When your two-year-old is becoming good at taking pictures, you let him snap pictures of you! We were out and about running errands and he snapped this one of me in my new favorite Stella & Dot top! How fun are the sleeve details?!

When you have a friend who lives 90 minutes away but you MUST see her often, you meet up halfway and visit different restaurants for lunch with your sidekick. This week, we went to Terrain in Westport and it is DIVINE. How cute are his crocs?! 

Sometimes I put on an outfit and feel confined and other times I put on an outfit and feel exceptionally comfortable. That is this outfit right here. Running errands in 80 degree heat, hitting up the park, and prepared to get down and dirty with a toddler means a tee and jeans. The American Eagle tomgirl jeans are LIFE. I promise.
And if you want 20% off your own American Eagle jeans, click here. My gift to you!

Tee / Jeans / Sandals 

And lastly, I never have any fun. I swear. I mean, look at my face. I look bored, right?! Ha ha! I got to spend some time this week with some of my Stella & Dot friends at a training and I figured why not be a pop of color in a room of neutrals! 

Cardigan / Blouse / Jeans / Camo flats / Belt 

I think it's safe to say I cover all bases in my "mom wardrobe", right?! I mean, I've got comfy cozy down pat, a pop of color here and there, a dress when needed, but always ready to chase my little guy around while being somewhat stylish with a smile! 

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