Monday, October 29, 2018

Must Eat Monday: Vue24, Foxwoods

We have friends that live outside of Boston and they are fellow foodies. SO when we meet up for dinner, we MEET UP FOR DINNER. Ha ha. We tend to find restaurants on the nicer end of the spectrum and look for not just a dinner, but moreso a dining experience. Enter Vue24

We picked Vue24 because it had very good reviews and was classified as one of the nicest restaurants at Foxwoods and that's where we were headed to meet them. Last time, we went to David Burke Prime and it blew us away. So, we figured we'd let Vue24 blow us away too. 

It is located on the 24th floor of the Pequot Tower and has views of the surrounding area. Sadly, at night, you can't see anything out the windows because it's all woods. The decor of the restaurant is nice but when dining at a casino you must always remember, you're at a casino...

Dinner begins with fresh homemade bread topped with olive oil and sea salt. NO butter needed because this melts in your mouth before you even chew it! 

They have a very good wine list and I was happy because they had a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir by the glass, which is my favorite region for wine, so I splurged! And yes, that was quite a nice pour, right?! 

The amuse-bouche was a cream of asparagus shot and it was slightly chilled and delicious. I would've had a whole bowl of it! 

We shared three appetizers. The first was a bucatini egg yolk pasta. People. If this was a dish on their dinner menu, we ALL would've gotten a bowl of it. Delicious melt in your mouth yummy. 

Their tuna tartar was honestly nothing special. It tasted purely of lime juice and had chuncks of baby tomatoes in it so those two flavors masked the tuna. Sad. 

Foie gras. Fantastic. With some toasted brioche, a balsamic drizzle, it was the perfect proportions to kick off our dinner! 

My husband and our friend's wife both got the Veal Oscar, a giant veal chop topped with fresh crab meat served on top of seared vegetables. Yum. 

Our friend's husband got the aged ribeye and it was glorious and seared to perfection. Seriously yummy.

We shared a side of the roasted whole mushrooms and boy was I glad we did. This side dish complemented everyone's meal perfectly. 

I got the sea bass, topped with crab meat. I don't even remember what else it came with but the crab and sauce and side was lick-the-plate good while my fish was a bit dry. 

We always get dessert and this time we couldn't decide so we did four. I got the profiteroles and they were heavy. Good, but heavy. I only ate one. So sad. 

Our friends got their peach special, which was amazingly delicious, and the creme burlee which was average.

My husband got the bourbon cake dessert and needed some time to sober up after having it! Ha ha! Even I liked it and I don't like bourbon!

Why not end the night with a mirror selfie?! Have you been to Vue24 before?!

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