Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Favorites: Book Series for Adolescent Boys

So, my dad called earlier this week asking for what books to get for my nephew who is turning 11. Which got me thinking that I haven't shared book suggestions in a while. As a former reading teacher (and elementary and middle school teacher) I have a HUGE adoration for all kinds of books, especially children's' and adolescent literature. Mainly because one of my Master's Degrees is that very subject! 

Anyways, here's what I recommended to him. And I chose series/sets to ease gift giving. Because, well, he's a man and he's old and it's easiest for him that way! 

1. Harry Potter set

Why? Because he doesn't have it yet and every adolescent needs to whole set. 

2. Chronicles of Narnia

By far my personal favorite series as a child and I adore passing that love onto the next generation to come. There's something just perfect about this classic. 

3. Jerry Spinelli

One of my favorite adolescent literature authors. Stargirl, just fantastic. And Amazing has a set of Jerry Spinelli books so why not expose him to all he has to offer?! 

4. Percy Jackson 

What boy doesn't love Percy Jackson and a mild thriller?! 

5. Alex Rider set 

This is a new one for me as it wasn't around when I was teaching but word on the street is it's the next big deal! 

What do you recommend to adolescent boys looking for a good book?

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