Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Favorites: My Go-To Wardrobe PIcks

So, lately, I tend to be drawn to some pieces on repeat. Do you get like that? Ok good, I'm not alone. 

Here's my most recent pieces I'm grabbing: 

1. Target furry mules

Laugh all you want, these shoes are ALL they're cracked up to be. And a fraction of the price of the Gucci ones. Honestly, I feel more put together when I'm wearing them, even though they look like slippers.

2. American Eagle Tomgirl jeans

These are SO far OUTSIDE of my preppy comfort zone but I don't care because they're THAT comfortable. They feel like pajamas but they're jeans. I know, hard to believe, but SO true.

3.  Gap plaid scarf

This style is new this year and Gap scarves usually itch me (I have crazy sensitive skin with fabrics) and I had been hunting for a fun tartan plaid BIG scarf, but not blanket scarf. And this one I scored during their friends and family sale for under $20. That's as good as Target, maybe even better!

4. My Rothy's, specifically my yellow ones. 

Now, if you've been around for a while, you know I'm obsessed with them. Presently I own 6 pair and am waiting for new colors to snag lucky number seven. But this pair gets worn the MOST. Not sure why, maybe yellow just makes me happy?!

5. Vivian Drew earrings

Yes, I sell Stella & Dot. But I wear ALL kinds of jewelry and accessories and these are just perfection. I have 3 different pair of earrings by her and just love them all. 

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  1. I picked up those furry mules last winter - they are surprisingly cozy and I can't leave the house without them getting a compliment!
    Chic on the Cheap