Thursday, March 21, 2019

A Letter To Me, Before You

Dear Me, 

Having a child changes you. It changes you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. And you know what?!?! It's totally worth it. Here's why. 

As a mom, my life pretty much revolves around my child. Some might think this is crazy, unnecessary, and ridiculous. But for me, it's what I always wanted. If you asked me growing up what I wanted to be, I always said "A mommy." Nothing more, nothing less. When I was told at 14 that I had PCOS and would likely not have children, that dream went off a cliff and into a downward spiral and thankfully, as I got older, medicine improved and miracles happen all the time, every day. And I was going to get one of those miracles. And eventually, I did.

But there are some things you need to know about yourself before you became a mother. And I wish someone had told me these. But better i know now, than never. 

1. You are strong. And you can handle ANYthing. 

You are a woman. You body can do AMAZING things. Things you never thought possible. You will be dealt cards that others would throw back and request another hand. But no, keep them and know that what you are dealt, you CAN handle and it will only make you stronger. You wouldn't have been dealt those cards if you couldn't handle it. Your journey could easily be a straight line from point A to point B. But nothing is that simple and easy. Your journey will have speed bumps, some big and some small. Their will be detours and forks in the road. You will likely hit a dead end or two, but you'll find your way to the pot of gold one way or another. You can handle it, I promise. You might want a cocktail or two, but you've got this. 

2. You will know love like you've never known love before. 

I love my husband. truly, madly, deeply. He is the love of my life and we were destined to meet. But when you have a child, you will never know a stronger love than that. Your body will ache, even hurt, with how much you love that child. It is normal. And it's how it should be. You are not alone. 

3. You were destined to be a boy mom, despite what you might have always thought. 

Now, keep in mind, this is directed at me, not necessarily you. I always thought I was meant to be a girl mom. The hair bows, tutus, frills, pink, and LOTS of pink, flowers and monograms and headbands and you name it. When we found out we were having a boy, my husband's first comment was "Are you going to be ok?!" Of course I was going to be ok! A happy and healthy baby was coming! Was I sad? A little bit. But NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think that this was my destiny. I was totally meant to be a boy mom. They LOOOOVE their mommies. They are the best snugglers. And is there much cuter than a baby boy or toddler boy dressed up like an 80 year old man?! I think not. 

4. Never forget the power of laughter. Laugh a lot and laugh often. 

I laugh. A lot. I always have. But when you become a parent, you often get caught up in being serious and being a role model and showing how to be strong. While that is all fine and dandy, don't forget to laugh. Laugh when you trip and fall. Laugh when you make a mistake. Laugh when you sneeze or fart. it's ok. Because one thing we should always remember is that life is too short to take it all seriously. 

5. Travel. Always and forever. Continue to explore. 

Before we had our son, we traveled. And we traveled a LOT. We traveled internationally. We traveled on weekend getaways. We traveled for quick overnights. Heck, we would even travel for dinner! On more than one occasion, we flew somewhere for dinner. Yeah, looking back THAT was a bit much, but not one single regret. We were always told not to change once we had kids, so we haven't! Our son is all about the road trips and vacations. He loves airplanes and traveling and takes part in packing and carrying his own luggage. We will continue to travel like we did pre-kids and instead of Rosenstein, party of two, it's now party of three!   

6. Don't underestimate the power of your smile. 

Whether it's for you or your child, smile. Smile all day, every day. And share that smile with those you know and especially with strangers. The world nowadays needs that, plain and simple. We need to teach our children what the power of a smile and a thoughtful glance can do to brighten someone's day. 

7. Live every day to it's fullest. 

Yes, some days are meant to be in your pajamas, on the couch, curled up watching movies. And other days are meant to be outdoors running wild in the fields. But whatever your day entails, live each and every one of them to the fullest. Maximize the day's potential and step back and the end of the day and realize it was a GREAT one! 

8. Regardless of if you have a boy or a girl, you can always be "matchy-matchy". 

Simply stated, "matchy-matchy" works for boy moms AND girl moms! My three-year old boy asks me daily if he can match mama. Therefore, you'll see me in a LOT of stripes and a LOT of blue. But I'm going to take advantage of it as long as I can because I'm sure it won't last forever! 

9. Keep your life the way it is. Don't change your life or lifestyle just because you become a mom. 

We like to go out. A lot. Like a LOT. We go out to restaurants, events, trips, gatherings, outings, you name it. Heaven forbid our own life stop once we had children. Well, it didn't. When our son was barely 3-months-old, we went out to dinner. People were SHOCKED. How could we do that?! Well, we did. And we haven't stopped. And you know what? He's well-behaved when we go out and he can sit at a 2-hour-dinner at a 5-star restaurant with a table full of adults and no knows he's there. Our life has not changed, we just added one more person to it.

 10. Hold hands. 

That's it. Plain and simple. 

I never thought you would happen. I never thought my life would be this way. It was always a dream, but I questioned for so long if it would come to fruition. And here we are now, today, in the life I always dreamed of. You truly are a dream come true. 


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  1. Being a mom was always my dream too! I never realized how hard it would be, but it's still the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me.

  2. All of these points rang so true to me! Being a mom is the best blessing!

  3. Such a beautiful letter! I love that you take your son everywhere.... my husband and I do the same with our girls.