Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gallery Wall Addition

How exciting to be able to FINALLY add a gallery wall to our hallway?! 

So, being honest, I've been debating this decor addition to our hallway but have been putting it off for {cough cough} six years because I could never find affordable frames that I liked AND that I could customize to be the size and shape that I want AND that didn't have glass fronts (because, hello, children in my home and tile floors) AND that were *exactly* what I wanted. You feel me. I know you do. 

Enter Frame It Easy. This company people, seriously. You pick the size of your art or picture. You pick your size and style of frame. You pick your choice of matting. You pick your choice of cover. AND, if you want, you can even upload your prints directly to their site and they do it all for you! HOLLA! 

I started with a blank wall, like we all do. And I did this brilliant thing where I took a piece of paper and printed XXX on it for where the nail would go and started mapping out my wall. 

It took me a week or so to get the layout exactly how I wanted. And that my husband would agree upon. A little left, a little right, a little more space between them. You know how it goes, am I right?! 

And then I picked prints. THIS was HARD. I decided on a 3 X 3 gallery wall which meant 9 prints. And while the idea of taking all 9 from a photoshoot I did with a friend, I wanted it to be a good assortments of moments to remember. We walk by this wall 100 times a day. Easily. So in looking at them I wanted prints that reminded me of moments I love. Of moments WE love. 

I also struggled (a LOT) with whether to do black and white or color. I love the look of cohesive colors but was worried the prints I picked wouldn't mesh. So I went with black and white. While ordering the prints, they just seemed like they were missing something. missing a punch, some warmth. So I quickly last minute changed and did a sepia filter on all of them and could not be happier! 

 Walking down the starts in morning and glancing over the banister, we see some highlights of our lives here. The celebration of our son being born, our favorite vacation EVER to Bermuda, the selfie of when we closed on our forever home, a date night, smiles in the flower fields, and just overall HAPPINESS.

Frame It Easy was simple and easy to work with and while they are affordable, the quality is on point. All of the frames are hard wood, they're made in the US, and the little details just add that special touch. The acrylic in the frames is double coated in sheer plastic so you're guaranteed safe arrival and no scratches during shipment. All frames have padding on all four corners so there's no knocking against the wall from a child running by or a gust of wind with the windows open. 

It just completely brightens our hallway and entryway. Everyone who has come by since I installed it has said something. My toddler said it best when he came home from preschool, opened the door, noticed it and said "Whoa!" 

Thank you, Frame It Easy, for this amazing collaboration and I can't wait to add more to the rest of my house! 

Want to try them out for yourself? Simply use code NAOMI for 10% off your purchase! 

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