Thursday, May 30, 2019

I Didn't Cheat, I Swear

So, as the title says, I didn't cheat, I swear. 

Allow me to explain.... 

For those new here (hi and welcome!) I gave up shopping for myself for 2019 as a New Year's resolution. Dumbest thing I've ever done, to be clear. It. Is. SO. Damn. Effing. Hard. Seriously. 

I am a shopper. It's what I'm known for. Heck, it's what I live for. 

When making this resolution, I gave myself a few exceptions. 
1. I could still buy myself necessities and if I ran out of something I use, I could replace it. 
2. While not shopping, I was also going to spend the year purging my home (closets, basement, you name it) and getting rid of nonsensical things just taking up space. 
3. I had a wish list of things I could get if I found them for a good deal and I gave myself time to think and wasn't impulsive. 
4. If I had credits, coupons, or rewards to shop technically "for free" than it wasn't considered shopping since I wasn't spending money. 
5. At the end of each month, if i went the entire month without shopping for myself, I could reward myself with a little something off of my wishlist. 

Now, I know most people do this to save the environment and be less wasteful and focus on more sustainable brands. But I will be brutally honest here, more power to them. I want to do all those things, but sometimes I want something fun and frivolous and sustainable brands can cost a pretty penny. 

So, wondering why I didn't technically cheat. Well, you might think I did but after discussing with two of my advisors, they both agreed this wasn't cheating. 

I have wanted a sequin blazer foreverrrrr. I mean forever. I blame my friend Jenn who showed up to a fashion show in a sequin blazer, white tee, jeans, and fun heels and looked AMAZING. So, this is her fault. Ha! 

I received an email from ThredUp that I had a coupon code to come back for 40% off an item. It didn't tempt me. I then got an email that same day from them letting me know I had credit in my account that was about to expire if I didn't use it by month end. So, I went on their site and searched for a sequin blazer. And sure enough, one I had "loved" a while ago was back in stock! So, I clicked on it, applied my code and credits, and was left owing 53 cents. 

Yes, 53 cents. 

Would you spend 53 cents on this?! 

Now, you might be shaking your head and thinking to yourself, "No, Naomi, you were doing SO great! You totally blew it." But, I didn't. See reason number 5. I have gone five FULL months without shopping for myself. And here I am trying to justify my 53 cent purchase to myself. Obviously, I'm doing amazingly well in this challenge as most people wouldn't even flinch. 

But I spent serious thought dwelling on this and decided to go for it with these reasons:
1. It's less than a dollar. 53 cents. LITERALLY 53 cents out of pocket. 
2. I could have found that amount of change in the seats of my car or on the ground of a parking lot. 
3. It's less money than a lottery ticket and that's just flushing money down the toilet. 

Now give it to me straight, do you think I cheated and blew my resolution? Or is it a justified purchase based on my rules. 

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