Friday, June 28, 2019

Fashion Friday: Patriotic Style

Look. I'll be the first person to admit that dressing patriotic can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. I mean, I can't be the only one who worries about looking like an American flag or Captain America or a combination of the two. Or can I?! 

I mean, this screams fashionable if I do say so myself. 

Kidding. I swear. 

This week, my friend Claire from Home With The Wileys and I decided it was the perfect time to share some patriotic style ideas for us busy moms-on-the-go! 

You won't see us chasing our kids in booty shorts and wedge sandals or at the beach in thong bathing suits working on our tans. You'll see us knee-deep building sand castles with uneven sunburns on our legs because we were so preoccupied applying sunscreen to our kids that we missed half of our legs and our right shoulders. I know you feel me mama. You do. 

Without further ado, here's my five patriotic style ideas, with items from my closet I already own. 

Outfit #1: BEACH

Let's discuss comfort zone. I am SO FAR OUT OF IT that it's not even funny. Yep. I'm in a bathing suit. Yep, took a selfie of it. Yep, put it out on the internet for the world to see. Guess what? I am a mom. I birthed a baby. I was once over 100 pounds heavier than I am now. I will never be tall nor will I even be thin. And that's ok. Because we come in all shapes and sizes and I'm sure someone is looking at me thinking "Oh my gosh, I want to be that brave!" Well, I'm not that brave. I just have big balls. Ha! 

I have plenty of bathing suit coverups but sometimes I want to feel (and look) a little more put together. I usually pull a fun oversized long-sleeve button down but recently have been grabbing this long, flowy striped cardigan. Best part? I snagged it on major sale a few years ago for under $10. My shoes? That's another story. But well worth the investment. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are in the market for a one-piece bathing suit, I cannot recommend Lands End enough. This suit (in a few colors) is on sale for $14.99 and cannot be beat. I've washed it and dried it and worn it immensely and still feels and looks new. Their quality is just fantastic. 

Outfit #2: DINNER OUT

I feel as though the striped dress is a no-brainer for a patriotic stylish option. I mean, it's easy, simple, cute, and doesn't require much more than putting it over my head. And you can't beat Old Navy for their striped dresses. Easy peasy. And if I get ketchup from my toddler's chicken nuggets on it I'm not sad one bit. 

Outfit #3: BARBECUE 

I love a good bow. Especially a BIG bow. It always makes me feel like I put forth a little extra effort when getting dressed. No one needs to know it's attached to my shirt and doesn't come untied. Plus, I don't need to accessorize so it's an even easier outfit that way! 

Outfit #4: PARADE 

We love parades. But getting up and down off of the ground with small kids I want to keep my goodies tight and hidden. Know what I'm sayin?! These shorts have a bit of a fitted leg and I like that so nothing shows while I'm crawling around. And thank you to JCrew for always providing me the best, classic striped tees known to mankind. 

Outfit #5: OUT AND ABOUT 

I don't know what it is about a crisp cotton top, but when I wear one, I feel more put toegther. I mean, it's not a t-shirt, but it is a t-shirt. Just a step up and a bit more assembled. Right?! Good. Glad we see eye-to-eye. 

Claire and I are SO happy you all continue to join us for #fasionfriday chronicles and we'd love to hear from you. Comment below or send me a message or find me on the IG. And don't forget to head over to Claire and check out her stylish way to salute the red, white, and blue! 

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