Sunday, June 30, 2019

#noshop19 6-month update

Y'all. Today marks halfway through the year. I have gone a full six months without shopping. Is your mind blown? Because mine is in little pieces scattered all over the highway. 






Has it been hard? You better believe it. 

Do I wish I could shop? You better believe it.

Is it mildly consuming me that I can't shop? You better believe it. 

Is it majorly consuming me that I can't shop? You better believe it.

Was it one of the hardest and dumbest resolutions I've ever made. YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. 

Am I giving in? Heck no. 

No way. 

No how. 

Nuh uh. 

Here's what I've both learned and discovered from the first half of the year without shopping. 

1. I LOVE to shop. Like love love love. Luuuuuurrrve. Love it. It gets me high. It gives me a rush. It's like a sugar addiction. It enthralls me. It's my drug of choice. And I miss it. Yeah, six months into this challenge and I still miss it. I actually think I miss it more now than when I did week one. Seriously. It's bad. 

2. I have a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff I don't necessarily need. I have slowly been purging throughout the year and will continue to do so. Because really, I don't need it all. I just don't. My family also has a lot of stuff. But that's a whole other story... 

3. We live in a world of instant gratification and the need to have the NEWEST and the BEST. And I'm over it. We really don't have to constantly be shopping and always looking for what's new and improved. Goodbye swipe up. It's totally ok and acceptable to have classic pieces that stand the test of time and wear year in and year out. And social media does not help that one little bit. It encourages it. 

4. A capsule wardrobe might not be a bad idea after all. I can't believe I just said that. And put it out into the world. It's been eye-opening to see what I wear, what I gravitate towards, and what my go-to items have been.  

5.  I am determined to make it to the end. So watch me do it. 

And as a side note, if you're local to me (or even far away for that matter) and are interested in a personal shopper, I'm your gal! I am an expert at finding a bang for your buck, getting the best deal around, and finding that perfect piece you want and need and will love forever. Then I can get my shopping fix on without breaking my streak! 

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