Friday, July 26, 2019

Fashion Friday: White Sneaks

It's #fashionfriday time and today I'm styling the always classic, never going out of style white converse! Now, you could switch these looks out with white Vans, with a classic pair of white Keds, or even all white Addidas. But, for me, my pair of white Converse are my jam. Plus, I can bleach these babies and have them looking brand new at the drop of a hat. And as an OCD mom of a toddler boy, that happens more often than I can count honestly. 


You will find me more often than not running around in a basic top/tee and shorts. It's my mom wardrobe. It's easy. And no one is seeing any of my private parts when I wear it. It's also VERY easy to wear a clean, classic tee/top and a clean, classic pair of shorts and appear put together instead of a holey-tee and shorts falling off showing your crack. Just sayin. Keepin it real up in here. 


Now, I am not a member of a beach club. But will gladly utilize my friends who are. HA! In all seriousness, I own a good amount of Lilly. I love Lilly. I love a bright color, a pop of print, and the ability to stand out wherever I go. I grew up with Lilly. I think I had my first Lilly dress when I was six! Don't be afraid of the brightness of her prints and patterns. Embrace it. Plus, her fabric is SO comfy and this specific dress is like wearing a towel. Seriously. 


Now, I do have a deck. And, I often lounge on it. And, this StitchFix find from years back is still my favorite coverup to date. Slap on some cute sneaks and I'm ready to roll. 


Need I say more. My shirt says enough. Amusement park, theme park, Walmart on a crowded afternoon, or sitting outside watching my son blow bubble and color with sidewalk chalk, you'll see me in this. 


A denim skirt is a must have item in every woman's wardrobe. I prefer a classic-distress wash to feel more casual but keeping the pencil cut to be able to dress up easily. Talbots always carries one which is my go-to. This hat was a fab find on the streets of Charleston a number of years ago but JCrew has a great one for under $20. 

Thanks for joining me yet again for Fashion Friday. I hope you're enjoying this. It's been a blast to pull things out of my closet I have honestly forgotten about. AND it's getting me outside of my comfort zone helping y'all style items I wouldn't normally wear. 

If there's something you'd like to see me style, with items I already own because I'm not shopping for 2019 (in case you didn't know that, check out the deets here) just leave a comment below OR come find me over on the Insta

Stay tuned for next week! 

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