Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Get Sh*t Done

Have you ever seen the title of something and thought to yourself, "oh my gosh, that's meant for me!" 

This candle is just that. Meant. For. Me. 

I mean, let's be real. It spoke to me. It screamed to me. It hollered at the top of it's lungs "YOU NEED ME IN YOUR HOUSE!" 
So I listened. 

I've debated where to put it. I originally thought of putting it in the bathroom, hence the pun. 

And then I thought better because my son is learning how to read and that just wouldn't be so good. 

I then thought on a shelf in my office for motivation was the spot. 

And while I like it there, I wasn't able to thoroughly enjoy it as much as I'd like to. So, it was off to find the perfect spot. And I did. 

Right smack in the middle of my desk for while I work. Not only do I want to see the reminder to get sh*t done, but I also enjoy the subtle light of a flame and the scent of it is simply perfection. It's not too light, not too strong, and give the perfect subtle scent of blood orange with a little background of a field of flowers. 

I'm VERY picky with candles and these fit into my candle categories perfectly. All natural, soy based, vegan, recyclable, smells amazing, and honestly, I plan on using this glass container for storage when I'm done burning the candle in it. 

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