Sunday, August 25, 2019

CT Hidden Gem: John Grover Wyman Park

We are on the quest to visit 50 parks/playgrounds in our state before my son turns 5. Johnathan Grover Wyman Park in North Haven is one of my son's personal favorites and here's a few reasons why...

The park is completely fenced in. Only one way in and the same way out.

FYI, there's no restrooms, just one portopotty BUT it is super close to a Starbucks and CVS just in case.

The park is completely built in the woods so it is completely shaded 100% of the time, all day long. THAT is a HUGE win in my book!

There's no cement anywhere. Also no surfaces that cut hot in the sun. The entire park is mulched so while your child will likely be covered in mulch when they leave, they won't leave broken...

There's a ton of little pathways and cut-throughs all over the park. We've been half a dozen times this year and every time we go, my son finds a new path and favorite part.

There are so many bridges and places to climb and swing. It's great for all ages too!

It's so nice being able to let your kids run free and know you can see the entrance/exit from almost every area in the playground.

There's multiple swing areas with different sizes and types of swings.

Plus, a great piece for parents, there's benches built into the playarea around every corner!

They also have a specially designed tot area for kids 5 and under. My son is 3 and loves it all but this is a nice area to have if yours is more reserved. 

The favorite spot where I usually find my child. The giant sandbox. And there's always toys and trucks left by families and donated from local organizations so no need to bring anything with you- other than wipes to clean up when they're done!

If you wanna check this park out, it's right behind the Starbucks plaza on Washington Avenue in North Haven. Just get off exit 12 on I-91 and you're there!

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