Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Cucumber Corn Bonanza

I ADORE our farm that we get our CSA from. Every week, on Wednesday, we arrive with our reusable bags and pick up our giant box of fruits and veggies. We get an email Monday morning listing our items, but it's just a little bonus to get there and receive a plethora of freshness. 

We have been getting pickling cucumbers and corn every week for the last few weeks and I was trying to find something to make besides pickling the cucumbers and just eating the corn on the cob. Although both are delicious, I wanted something different AND something to capture the freshness of the vegetables. 

Hello cucumber corn bonanza salad! 

When I say this is easy, it is SO easy. 

1. Clean and dice the cucumbers. I remove the seeds but that's just my personal issue with seeds in cucumbers. 

2. Cut the kernels off the corn after quickly cooking them in the oven. Although the corn to cool before cutting, of course. 

3. Put the veggies in a big bowl. Put a dollop of GOOD mayo in with them. 

4. Head to your garden and grab a hadnful of fresh herbs. Chop them up and toss them in. I had dill, basil, chives, and parsley. 

Then toss is all together and BAM. Delish. 

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