Monday, September 2, 2019

CT Hidden Gem: Hindinger Farm

Hindinger Farm in Hamden is a true hidden gem. We have been getting our weekly CSA from them for a few years, but the farm in general is a true gem.

They are family-run and the ENTIRE family works there. Mom, dad, aunt, uncle, cousins, kids, them all. It's a true farm and a true family-focused farm. 

They have a yearly strawberry festival in early summer and a harvest festival in October but if you go visit any other time, they will welcome you with open arms! Check out last year's fall festival info here. 

The farmstand has a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as local grocery items, including fresh honey, cheeses, jams and jellies, and more. 

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook for their events as well. Usually, one weekend a month they have a food truck, live music, and free tractor rides around the farm. Well worth a little trip. 

The views from their farm are just spectacular. 

And if you get there when the tractor is running, you can ride as many times as you want. We average 4-5 rides per visit. 

And now the kicker for why we love going there. The fenced in playground area. It's $3 per person and TOTALLY worth it. Plus, you're supporting a local business. It's win-win. They have done an amazing job making it kid-friendly with tons of options for kids of all ages. 

Their "farm" playscape has two different climbing options, a bridge, a barn house, plus a twirly slide that comes out of a silo. Super cute! 

The wood train has multiple cars with benches and a cute tunnel and gives room for kids to really use their imagination. We always make new friends on the train when we go! 

This is the best addition to the playground this year - the race track! Lots of wagons and bicycles and tricycles and toy cars for kids of all sizes and ages to play and ride. 

My son, who is little, can ride (and pedal) these radio flyer trikes. HUGE hit for us! Plus, they have bells to ring. 

The baby goats and chickens are housed in an enclosed area inside the playground too. Lots of them to look at, talk to, interact with, and just enjoy. 

I cannot encourage you enough to visit  Hindinger Farm in Hamden with your family. And when you do, tell them I sent you! 

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