Monday, September 16, 2019

CT Gem: Lake Compounce

This year was the third year I got a family pass to Lake Compounce. To say it's worth every penny is an understatement. My son is 3 1/2 years old this year and I've brought him while 1 1/2, 2 1/2, and now 3 1/2. Each year, it gets better and better for him. 

Here's my tips for taking toddlers to Lake Compounce.

First and foremost, if you're going to go at least twice in one season, buy a season pass. It's worth every penny. I buy the pass over Thanksgiving weekend while it's on crazy sale (and also get the parking pass!) and then it's all set for the upcoming season. Plus, the season pass includes their Halloween special and their Holiday Lights display. Totally worth it.

Bring your stroller. It's a haul to get to the park from the parking lot and there's plenty of space to park your stroller for rides. Plus, you can store your bag on it and not have to physically carry anything around.  

Pack snacks (or lunch) for your toddler. You can't bring food for yourself, adults, or even big kids. But you can for toddlers. 

Bring a water bottle for yourself and your kids. When you are a season pass holder, you get beverages for free so you can just refill your own bottle. 

Ride the train. It's about a 30 minute ride all the way around the lake but it's a nice little break to take. Bring a drink and snack and enjoy the breeze as well as the view. 

The toddler ride area has so many options for little kids. There's not usually a wait and the people who work these rides are usually great with little kids. Plus, they can usually ride them repeatedly since it's not overly crowded. With that being said, I don't go on weekends so I cannot give crowd control advice for weekends... 

You have to be 36 inches tall to ride most of the toddler rides. If your child is CLOSE to that height (like exactly 36" or even a teensy bit over 36") I suggest getting a formal measurement from guest services or the bungee ride. They'll give you a card to use for the season that lists your child's exact height and then you can show it at each ride so they don't have to take time every single time they ride getting measured. My son tends to duck under the measuring stick so I'm glad we got the card this year. 

Probably the biggest perk of visiting Lake Compounce for toddlers is the Daniel Tiger Live stage show. It's every day at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00. The kids can even come sit and watch for every show if they want (it never changes, FYI) After the show, they do a meet and greet and the kids can take their pictures with the characters too. 

We have had days where we go at 3:30, see the live show at 4:00, ride a few rides, and head home at 5:00 for dinner.  

There are a few rides that you can bring your toddler on with you as well. There's the test track car driving ride and an airplane ride. Our two favorites are the large carousel and the ferris wheel

There's also a good size water park that is very family friendly. Bring your own floatie that is coast guard approved too. They have some you can use but the ones you have are likely better and more comfortable. 

As you can tell from his face, Lake Compounce is always a hit! Have you been yet? 

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  1. I used to go to Lake Compounce every summer, but now it's been a few years. Maybe when my niece and nephew are a little older I can take them.
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