Friday, September 20, 2019

Fashion Friday: Olive Pants

Hello Fashion Friday! This week is a request I received: olive pants. 

Now, I do not own a pair of olive pants or even olive jeans. BUT I do own olive joggers. So, off I went putting outfits together with these joggers. With that being said, my normal outfit pairing is a basic tee and a denim jacket with these pants. This was a perfect challenge for me. So, thank you Amanda for the request. 

OUTFIT #1: Preppify My Pants 

Preppy is a word to describe my style. Probably one of the first alongside classic and simple. Joggers are far from preppy. BUT a white button down top can preppify anything, even olive joggers. Plus, I decided to add wedge sandals for some added height and making me feel (and look) more established. I would wear this just about anywhere. 

Real mom life I'd be wearing Rothys though. Just sayin. Can't be chasing a toddler in these shoes...  


Never in a million years would I have put this outfit on but boy am I glad I did. Because guess what? I went out in this! Yup. And I felt GREAT. A little pep in my step with some wedges, a silky cami for some added sexiness, and me being brave with my cognac leather jacket. A purchase I regretted at the time but in the years since it's been SO worth it. Thank you, Amanda, for this request! These pants are coming out of hibernation! 


I think that just about covers it. A top. A pair of joggers. Slip on shoes. Easy breezy beautiful.


Ah, fall in Connecticut. When it's 45 degrees when you wake up and 82 when you pick your kids up from school. Bring. On. The. Layers. And a fabulous denim jacket always does the trick. 
Now, I have 2. This dark denim one that is fitted and has some structure and a lighter wash that is looser that I can wear over a sweater or with a scarf. It's ok to have two denim jackets, you have my permission. 


I do work. Most people don't realize that, but I do. I have a job (aside from being a mom). And sometimes, I need to go to meetings. Which brings me to my favorite "work bag" that doubles beautifully as a "mom bag" and a pop of print shoes. You could swap any basic button down here but chambray makes it feel a bit more casual than a white button down. 

Talk about outside of my comfort zone. And SO GLAD I went for it. I have a newfound love and appreciation for these pants. 

I hope you enjoyed this week's edition of #fashionfriday and that you'll join me again next week! If there's anything you'd like to see me style, feel free to comment below, send me an email, or find me over on Instagram. 

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