Friday, October 4, 2019

Fashion Friday: Leopard Bomber Jacket

OK. I love me some animal print. A pop of print on a belt, a fun printed pair of shoes, a classic clutch in leopard vs basic black. But all over leopard is a lot for me. Like a LOT. And I'm a smaller person. But I luuuuuv me some leopard. Now, I own ONE leopard top that I wear rarely and usually under a cardigan or blazer. But, when this leopard bomber jacket came out from Stella & Dot I knew I had to make her a place in my wardrobe.

(and if you've been here a while, you know my new year's resolution is to not shop for myself and not to worry, this baby was free as my perk of being a Stella & Dot stylist... so no money was spent) 

OUTFIT #1: A Pop of Print on a Tuesday

Sometimes, we just need a little something extra with our every day routine. So why not toss on a fun printed bomber jacket with your joggers and basic tee?! 

OUTFIT #2: Go Big Or Go Home

Ladies, you need a jumpsuit in your life. I promise you won't regret it. Well, maybe when you have to pee. But otherwise, it is a go to staple that is a necessity in my opinion. Roll with me here. One piece. Black. No need to find a top and a bottom that are clean and that are the "same black". You know what I mean there, right? That "same black" can break us down y'all. 
I have seen some super fancy jumpsuits with spaghetti straps and belts and different materials. You name it. But my go to basic is from the clearance rack of Banana Republic for barely $20. It does the trick and no one would ever know I spent that little on it. It has a little bit of a tuxedo feel to it so it's easy to fancify (yes, that IS a word) but it's also basic enough to wear with flats and a denim jacket. 

OUTFIT #3: Basic Baby

This Lush blouse from Nordstrom is a must grab during their anniversary sale that happens twice a year. I have it in 4, maybe 5 colors. It is magical. Tuck it in with jeans, wear it long with leggings, it goes with everything. I love it with a fur vest! It's flowy and flattering on every shape and size and it's GREAT to wear when you're going to eat a lot. It'd go FAB with Joey's Thanksgiving pants (remember that Friends episode?!) 

OUTIFT #4: Date Night 

There's something about a black top, dark jeans, and banging heels that make an outfit AN OUTFIT. Know what I'm sayin?! I tend to lean towards a black top, dark jeans, and fun shoes for a fancy date night and now this beauty will be topping that ensemble for quite some time. You know you do it too. That go to 'safe' outfit. 

OUTFIT #5: Preppify My Leopard

I feel as though if anyone can preppify leopard, it's me. Ha! But seriously, leopard doesn't have to be a trendy item. It can be mixed in with classic pieces that even Lilly Pulitzer herself would wear. Like this. Basic, easy, classic with a pop of print. A winning look for sure! 

Fashion Friday for the win today! I had wanted this piece since I saw it for the first time. Something about the pale-purplish gray in the leopard that was just softer than what I usually see and has a classic feel to it while being a bit trendy as a bomber jacket. And the neckline is just special. 

So.... what do you think of my new addition to my wardrobe? She's purty, ain't she?! 

Don't forget to join me for next week's Fashion Friday as (fingers crossed) fall actually arrives here in Connecticut and I can bust out my REAL fall wardrobe. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts below or find me over on Instagram. Happy weekend! 

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