Friday, October 18, 2019

Fashion Friday: Maternity Style

I AM NOT PREGNANT. Just putting it out there so we are ALL clear and on the same page. 

This week's edition of Fashion Friday is another reader request: maternity style. 

SO, I am going to change it up for just this one week and bring you a capsule wardrobe. Seriously, the only NEW items you would need to buy to be pregnant through fall and early winter. 

I will preface this by saying my water broke at 30 weeks so I don't have pictures or had to dress a VERY pregnant body in the winter but I truly feel that the wardrobe I had established could have taken me through full term pregnancy without buying more. 

First things first, go through your closet and take out ANYTHING that will not fit over a bump. Put it in a bin and put it away. You don't need anything staring you in the face that you can't wear. Your emotions will already be a roller coaster. You don't want to fall off of said roller coaster. That was the BEST thing I did. Therefore, when I got up in the morning and went into my closet, I had specific things that FIT and didn't have to worry about grabbing something that didn't and going into that downward spiral. 

Then, hang everything by item. Since it's fall, you'll be layering. 

Tanks and tees together, cardigans and sweaters together, jeans pants and leggings together and then the few dresses. I didn't own a single maternity skirt so I can't help you out there. 

And truly, when you take a step back, it's about 4-5 months of clothes so you don't have to buy a lot. A few classic interchangeable pieces is all it takes and you're golden. 

Here's my maternity wardrobe purchases I did and that I suggest. These are all items I bought that I swear by. Even four years later, I still recommend them to people. 

2 packs of Bumpstart tanks (come in a pack of 2)*
   I did a black/grey and a navy/white. Super simple to mix with any cardigan or sweater. 

2 packs of Bumpstart short sleeve tees (come in a pack of 2)*
   Again, I did a black/grey and a white/navy. 

2 packs of Bumpstart long sleeve tees (come in a pack of 2)*
   Again, same as above. Classic 4 easy colorways. 

Maternity leggings, one grey and one black. Motherhood Maternity was my go to.*

One pair of maternity jeggings. I lived in these Old Navy ones

One pair of nice maternity jeans (there's a difference and you can feel it). I LOVED my AG maternity jeans. Plus, you can find a pair almost always on sale at Pea in the Pod too. 

A basic black maternity dress to flatter your bump. I still own (and wear) mine from the Gap. 

Something fun for your shower and special occasions. I splurged on a pattern print dress from Pea in the Pod for my shower in a style that was easy to wear not pregnant as well. 

And honestly, that's IT. Well, bras and underwear, but for actual CLOTHES this is all I bought and pulled from my existing wardrobe. Cardigans still work. Blazers still work. Most sweaters still work. The few basics to mix and match is all you need and you'll have such an easy time getting dressed AND you'll feel great because everything is guaranteed to fit! 

*Bumpstart packs at Motherhood Maternity were my go to. And, you can snag them on sale all the time. They wash well, hold up well, and even work great for the post-pardum mombod. 

Here's some of my fav outfits while pregnant. And a little insight into how these basics I'm suggesting worked into my wardrobe. 

The Bumpstart tank and leggings. My chambray shirt just didn't button anymore but no one needed to know that. 

My go to  Lush tunic from Nordstrom I always talk about (covered the bump) and Bumpstart leggings I lived in. The sweater vest I lived in, and still do. 

Another Bumpstart tank and maternity jeggings. Added a cardigan and bam, dressed. 

Being pregnant with a friend is always fun. She also loved the same Bumpstart basics if you couldn't tell from the pic.

When I purged my closet, I kept a few dresses that would fit over my bump. This OLD one from Anthropologie was a saving grace while pregnant. I wore it to my bestie's baby shower, out on date night, and even for a girls night out. Be sure you look at what you have and what can work before going out to buy new. You probably don't need new! 

Tried and true Bumpstart tee, maternity jeans, and a cardigan I already owned. 

A super fun gift someone got me, since I LOVE graphic tees, she snagged me this one from Pea in the Pod. Four years later, I still wear it. Don't judge. You would too. 

A basic black dress. A perfect piece that I still wear, and many of my friends have borrowed to wear. 

And something fun for my shower. A splurge, but sometimes it's ok to splurge. 

So, to recap, a few basics to mix and match plus reassessing your existing wardrobe can easily make dressing your pregnant body super simple. 

Thanks for joining me this week for a different version of #fashionfriday. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to pass it along to a pregnant friend!  

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