Friday, October 25, 2019

Fashion Friday: Rothy's

If you know me, or you've been following my #fasionfriday posts, you know how much I love my Rothy's. I have numerous pairs. And for this week's Fashion Friday post, I'm going to delve into why I love them and how each style fits. 

For reference, I have small but wide feet. I don't have any 'foot issues' other than I am on my feet a lot and like comfort as well as fashion. Plus, I chase after a toddler so shoes need to be comfortable, easy, comfortable, stylish, and comfortable. 

After seeing their ads scattered all over the internet and social media, I bit the bullet about two years ago. And in those two years, my collection has hit a dozen. Yes, I own a dozen pair of Rothy's. And yes, before you even ask, they are worth every penny. Let's chat about why. 

They're stylish. They're comfortable. They're washable. They're sustainable. They're cute. Their company has an amazing mission. They're recycled material. They're durable. They're easy to care for. They always look brand new. They stand the test of time. Their customer service is exceptional. They have free shipping, returns, and exchanges. 

I could go on. But let's chat styles. 

The Loafer

These are my go to style that I wear the most. They're casual yet make me feel more dressed than my slip-on sneakers. The patterns add a fun pop of fashion and style to my outfit because I usually dress in basics and add a fun shoe. 

They fit easily and I love that the inner sole can easily slip out and be washed alone or replaced for just $10. They are snug around toes but not pinching and squeezing the way some pointy-toe shoes can. Know what I mean?

Now, I have small feet. My friends often say I have baby feet. I wear a 5.5 or 6 in most shoes. I can wear the Rothy's loafers in a kids size 4. They equate their kids size 4 to a 5 but I feel it's more of a 5.5 (and the sneakers it's more 6/6.5) I have had to return a few patterns because they felt like they ran smaller. For reference, those were the red camo and red zebra. But overall, the kid size loafers work well for me. I know, I'm lucky because the kids sizes are a lower price. 

The kids version of the loafers do not have as long as an appearance as the adult sizes so mine are shorter and wider than the adult size ones. In the adult size, the top area that covers your foot comes down over half way to cover your foot where the kid size is more like 1/3 of the way to cover the top of your foot. 

I have the loafers in camo, leopard, and bright pink and as you can see, the camo and leopard are my go to shoes of choice 95% of the time. 

If you don't think leopard and camo are neutrals, we should meet for drinks to discuss it. 

These fit true to size, no need to size up or down. 

The Sneaker

Sincerest apologies as I haven't taken a feet picture of my sneakers! I own the Kelly Green, Grey Camo (both only kids colors), and Navy and I wear the navy pair the most often. It's neutral and basic and goes with everything. And since I live in jeans, it's complementary!

The sneaker can be perfectly described as a hug for your feet. I know no other way to describe how they fit. They hug across the top of your feet and fit snug but not snug that you'll blister or be uncomfortable. The recycled water bottle material is surprisingly breathable so they don't smell when your feet sweat. Seriously. Who knew plastic could breathe?!

Remember slip-on Keds from high school? Or the Steve Madden quilted slip-ons that were all the rage a few years ago? These are 1000 times better. I swear. The hug for your foot can't be beat. 

These fit true to size. Perfection fit as I like to call it. 

The Point

Now, I have small wide feet and these are not my favorite style. I have 2 pair, the leopard and cat eye because they are fun and stylish and heels are a struggle for me. Because my feet are shaped on the wider end, any pointy toe shoes are hard to FIT well on me. 

I love how they look but I like how they feel. Roll with me on this. Pointy-toe shoes are difficult for me because of the shape of my foot. Toe cleavage is also a weird thing for me. These minimize the amount for toe cleavage (which I appreciate) but because my feet are short and wide, it's a weird fit for me. 

Definitely go up half a size when getting the points. I have numerous friends who swear by them and that they're the best pointy-toed flats they've ever owned. I trust them completely. 

The Flat 

These are my fun shoes. I have one pair of basic black and all my others are fun colors - red, pink, yellow, orange, to name a few. 

The points elongate your feet which they say makes you look taller (I gave up on appearing taller many moons ago) but these I feel have a fun detail that give the illusion of a point because of the point on the inner curve of the shoe. And because they're rounded toe, there is more room in the shoe for wider feet. Like mine. 

These fit true to size as well. 

Overall, in all honesty, with a dozen pair, I feel as though they are a staple in my wardrobe. They can be worn through all kinds of weather and are stylish from spring straight through winter. 

Have you tried Rothy's yet? If not, and want to, simply click here for $20 off your first (or next) pair! 

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