Friday, May 29, 2020

My Favorite White Tee

I have certain items in my closet that I love. I have certain items in my closet that I need more than one of. Don't deny it because you do too. Whether it's dark jeans, black flats, a camel cardigan, or a white tee, it's usually something. 

I am SUPER picky when it comes to white tees and I have a select few I love and wear and do not deviate from them. Plus, each of them fits differently and I wear them accordingly. 

What I like about this tee is it runs a little big. It is a tad bit thin, but not see-thru thin. Plus, the fabric has a subtle pattern to it that gives a little bit of texture without being texturized. If that makes sense. I love this with cutoff shorts and birks in the summer, I love it with jeans, fun flats, and a lightweight cardigan in the fall, and it never fails putting a casual spin on an outfit when I wear it under a blazer. Plus, they run $19.50 always, every day. 

This is my most often go to white tee. It's a thicker fabric because it's Supima but it hold it's structure beautifully. It's a classic white tee and stays white. You know when you wash white over time and it tends to not stay that crisp, bright white. This one does. And for $20 it makes me want to get it in black and grey too. But is that really necessary? {maybe....} 

This is my casual tee. Repeat, this is my casual tee. What does that mean? It's my lounge around tee. My running errands not being fancy tee. It's loose-fitting and tad bit baggy but is just SO comfy. I have it in multiple colors (quarantine life) and wear the crap out of it. It runs big but not wear-with-leggings big, if you know what I'm saying. 

So, as you can see, I'm not a crewneck tee kinda person. I prefer a v-neck tee because I'm short and busty and a v-neck makes you appear taller. At 4'10" I'll do just about anything to 'appear' taller. 

Where do you find your favorite white tee? I'm open to trying new ones out but these are my tried and true. 

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