Wednesday, July 29, 2020

What's Cooking Wednesday: Pink Drink

Now, if you're a Starbucks visitor, you know all about the pink drink. If not, be prepared for a summer drink surely to be refreshing and delicious. 

Super easy, simple, and for the price of a trente pink drink at Starbucks I'm going to teach you how to half a dozen at home for the same price. 

Ocean Spray white cran-strawberry juice
Trader Joe's vanilla coconut milk (any coconut milk really)
Trader Joe's strawberries in syrup. 

Take your glass, add some ice. Put in a spoonful of strawberries and another spoonful of the syrup from the jar. Fill glass halfway with the coconut milk then stir. Then fill the other half with the juice and stir again. 

Bam. Pink drink. 

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