Saturday, August 1, 2020

CT Hidden Gem: Scotts' Farms

I am sucker for a local business. Especially a local business that speaks to me. 

Scotts' Farms in Essex (and Deep River) is just that. They are a small, local, family-run farm overflowing with amazing produce. BUT the absolute most BEST part of their farms is that they have a pick your own flower garden. 

I KNOW. Your mind is blown too. 

AND.... wait for it.... it doesn't break the bank. It is $9.95 a pound for whatever you pick and I have yet to spend over $15 any time I go. And I pick A LOT OF FLOWERS. 

Plus, my son just loves going there. 

They have probably 12-15 rows of flowers from dahlias to zinnias to snapdragons to daisies and so many more I have yet to identify. 

They provide you with clippers and a basket if you don't bring your own. But what I love is I can bring my own containers to make my own arrangements while I'm there and they weigh them before I start picking. So smart. 

It is a little over an hour drive each way and we visit there several times a summer, just to give you an idea of how worth it it is for us! 

Just a few of the arrangements I made on this visit. I made 4 total! And only spent $11. 

We also love to meet our friends while we're there. The boys love helping us pick flowers too! Train them young that a woman loves fresh flowers ;-) 

Scotts' Farms is in Essex at 81 Plains Road, right near the Essex Train Station. Their fruit picking is at their Deep River location. 

I seriously cannot recommend them enough. Even on a cloudy, overcast day, we had a blast!

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