Tuesday, August 4, 2020

CT Hidden Gem: Rail Bike Adventure

We recently were able to have our first date in months (thanks COVID) and enjoyed an afternoon at the Essen Steam Train doing their Rail Bike Adventure. I cannot recommend this experience enough. And we went on the hottest day of the year, so the fact I'm still recommending it says a lot! 

First off, when you arrive, the go over their safety protocols. And with COVID happening, honestly, there were a lot. But we were VERY impressed with how safe it all was. 

Say hello to our ride. 

When you board your bike, you get instructions and a "how to" ride, as well as the ever-so-important how to stop lesson. You are spaced at ample length from other bikes so safety is their top priority. As well as fun! 

The railroad line you follow goes in the trees but follows parallel to the Connecticut River. 

You get to have some pretty amazing views while you bike. 

While you bike, your bikes are a good distance apart from others. And you can go at your own speed too. You don't have to 'keep up' if you want to be more leisurely than the bike in front of you. 

At the stopping point, you get off and they turn you around to ride back. It's about a 35 minute ride there then 35 minute ride back. You get a sweet view of Gilette Castle while you're stopped too!

The view are almost picturesque while pedaling. 

Probably the nicest thing they do. They stop at this gorgeous view and snap a picture for you, with your own phone, to commemorate your ride. Seriously. So sweet. And free of charge! 

There's a car on the tracks leading the way as well as bringing up the rear. Another safety feature! You're not out on your own which is nice. 

If you can't tell, we had a blast! 

The Essex Steam Train does so many amazing adventures, not just the rail bike. Between Polar Express, Thomas the Train, their ferry boat ride, and different train excursions they're a great little local business we enjoy supporting all year round! 

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