Friday, September 4, 2020

How To Sell On Poshmark

Over the last four years, I have bought and sold over $10,000 worth of merchandise on Poshmark. I am not a professional thrifter nor am I a professional shopper (but boy should I be the later one!). I am simply someone who enjoys high quality items yet does not mind shopping second hand. 

Here's what I've learned from using Poshmark over the years, what has worked for me, and what hasn't. I hope it helps you in your Poshmark endeavors. 

1. Some brands sell better and easier than others. Plain and simple. 

It's true. Higher end items, such as Gucci, Tieks, Louis Vuitton, and Anthropologie, retain their value over time and hardly ever go on sale so when you can find an item on Poshmark from these labels, you will be paying more. And on the opposite end, you can ask for more as the demand is higher. Loft, Gap, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, even JCrew don't sell as well as others unless they are the classic tried and true best sellers (like Gap softspun jogger, a JCrew sweater blazer, Ann Taylor suit, or Banana Republic cashmere). When you list an item, list it to sell. Don't list it "to see if it will sell". Is it really worth the hassle of arguing with someone over $5. If not, lower it by $5. 
Also, when you go to list what you're selling, browse Poshmark to see if others have the same item or something similar already listing to see what they're asking so you can ask a similar, or even better price. 

2. Be willing to take less than you're asking. 

This is the toughest part for people on Poshmark. Buyers are looking for deals. They don't want to barter back and forth. They want to send you an offer, have you accept it, and have you both be on your merry way. When you list your item, be prepared to sell it for 20-50% less than you're asking for. So, if you list a JCrew sweater for $50, it will likely sell for $35. Poshmark will take their cut (which is 20% or $2.95 if it's under $15) and you'll make roughly $26. Just go in knowing and expecting that. 

3. Be open to offers. 

People are cheap. There, I said it. It's true, hate to break it to you. If you list an item for $20, someone will, without doubt, offer you $8 for it. You can decline it OR you can go back with your own offer to them. This can go back and forth for as long as you're willing to go or until the buyer decides to take your offer or decline it. People are ALWAYS looking to get something for less. It's the way of the world these days. As long as you're aware of that and open to it, you can be successful on Poshmark.  
The buyer is also paying for tax and shipping so that's a solid $10 more than what they're offering you for the item, so keep that additional part in mind too. 

4. When someone bundles items, offer them a deal too good to pass up. 

When someone likes 2 or more items in your closet, they can 'bundle' them. This gives you the option to offer these items at a discounted price AND with a discount on shipping. Now, YOU pay the discount in shipping (it's just taken from your profit) and 99% of the time it's worth the $2 to get items out of your closet and into someone else's. People will sometimes bundle one item and truthfully, I just ignore that. They just want you to give them an individual offer with discounted shipping. Unless it's a high-end item, I ignore it. 

5. People are cheap. Sorry, but they are. There's no nice way to say it. 

As I've stated above, people are out for a deal. Go in ready for that and understand that and Poshmark can be truly successful for you. 

6. Be detailed in your description. 

Be as detailed as you can be in your description. How many times the item has been worn, what kind of condition it is in, any issues with the item (snags, pulls, if it was hemmed or altered at all, etc) and how it fits on you. Details make or break the sale. 

7. Use stock photos. 

Research online and google the item. It takes a few minutes but using a stock photo as the first photo in your listing catches the eye and gets them to click on your item. Yes, it might take a while to find a stock photo, especially if it's an older item, but that makes your listing more professional AND makes your closet more visually appealing. 

8. Take GREAT photos of your items. And measure them. 

Take pictures of your item with natural light. Do not use any filters, it misleads the buyer and puts you at risk for a return. Hang your item when you take your photos. List measurements of your item too. Pit to put for the bust, length for a dress or blouse, sleeve length if it seems an odd length, inseam for shorts, pants, or jeans, and waist for any bottoms you list. Measurements and great photos will get your items sold. 

9. Keep track of who "likes" items and offer them personal deals.  

You'll get notifications when people like your items. You can send offers to all likers, but it must be at least 10% less than the asking price AND 10% less than the last offer you sent! This is a great way to get items sold if you're willing to send a great deal. 

10. Package pretty and write a note. People check reviews! 

I always wrap my items in tissue paper, tie it with a ribbon into a bow, and toss in a short hand written note thanking them for shopping my closet. I also ship in under 48 hours. People can leave a review and buyers often check reviews before purchasing from a seller to see if they're honest and efficient. I have over 100 five-star reviews because of this. 

You can also join Poshmark parties, share other closets and specific items, and earn Poshmark stats. I don't do any of that. I stick with my closet and share my items a few times a week to keep them newly searchable (if you don't share your items, they slowly move down the searchable list as newly listed and newly shared are the first when a buyer searches). 

Good luck in your selling on Poshmark and I hope these tips help you clean out your closet.

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