Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Shop Small Part 1: Health & Wellness

I love supporting small businesses, especially those owned by those I know. 

This year, I am separating them into four categories to share with you all more easily. 

Part 1: Health and Wellness
Part 2: Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories. 
Part 3: Kids and Family 
Part 4: Homemade and Edible 

I will share their business and link it to their website, a few tidbits and insight into them, and some top picks for holiday gifts. 

Welcome to Part 1: Health and Wellness

Jenn Indra

An overview of YOU and why you do what you do:
My entire life, I have been obsessed with style / fashion / beautiful things and doing what I can to help the environment. I am also a former teacher and I love sharing information with people that can help change their lives for the better. Using my voice for positive change is core to who I am.

An overview of YOUR business and why you picked it:
Beautycounter exists to provide a solution for those who want clean beauty products that perform. We have a Never List of 1800 potentially harmful ingredients that we promise to never use in our formulations while simultaneously creating a line that is luxurious and gives you the results that you have been wanting from your skincare, body care, and makeup. The EU currently bans / restricts 1400 chemicals that are linked to human health issues, while the US bans 30. I chose to be a part of this company because education and advocacy are 2 pillars of the work that we do. I am so thankful that this meaningful career has given me the opportunity to mesh all of the things that I am passionate about.

3 picks for holiday gifts:

Laura DiDominzio

I’m on FB + IG



I’m a wife and newly-homeschooling mom of 4. I was a 7th grade Spanish teacher for almost a decade so I’m super passionate about education and empowerment! I just recently finished my studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC and now I’m a certified Health Coach! I love working with fellow mothers and helping them incorporate real self-care into their daily lives so they can take care of their families.

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils since 2014 and running my business since 2015. I love it because it aligns so well with my passions for education and empowerment and supporting fellow moms. I’ve also seen a huge shift over the past five years in the overall health and wellness of my family.

My top 3 picks for holiday gift-giving are...

  1. 2019 PSK with Desert Mist Diffuser - 12 most-used oils, 1 gorgeous diffuser with various light and timer settings, Thieves Hand Sanitizer, Thieves Spray, + NingXia Red. Save 24% on all future purchases. Access to our exclusive education group. ($165)
  2. KidScents Roll-On Collection - formulated specifically for kids ages 2-12 and prediluted. Includes Owie, TummyGize, SniffleEase, Geneyus, Sleepyize, + KidPower. ($256.58 retail/ $195 wholesale)
  3. Nature’s Ultra Calm 300mg CBD Roller - contains our high-quality CBD and an array of Young Living essential oils, including Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Orange, Vetiver, and Ylang Ylang. Gives you the most amazing chill vibes in seconds. ($74.95 retail/ $56.95 wholesale)

Name: Jussie Weinberg and Shondra Weinberg

Contact: Amethyst Beauty Lounge, Bradley Road, Woodbridge, CT. (spa site) (online store)

Overview: Jussie and Shondra are sisters who want to make the world a more beautiful place. Their logo reads “Love, Light, and Lashes” and it sums up their souls and the energy they share with the world so well. Both had careers in the performing arts - a dancer and an ice skater - where they inspired others as they expressed creativity and beauty. Now, they are inspired to make others feel beautiful and grounded with the services they provide at Amethyst. From lashes, to facials, to reiki - both women put so much love and care into what they do. And their space is GORGEOUS!  

Business overview from their website: Amethyst Lounge started in 2014 as a home based business. We then expanded our team in 2016 and relocated to Amity Road in Woodbridge, CT in 2017 from our 2 quaint rooms to our 2200 Sq. Ft. of vintage and tranquility. We have now finalized our beautiful location June 1st, 2019 at the Bradley Road Suites in Woodbridge.

We believe in order to have any balance in your lifestyle, you must stop and take the time for yourself. We pride ourself in all services offered as each of our technicians specialize in their particular scope of practice as well as being a lash academy offering opportunity for those that want to seek a career in eyelash extension application. Being born a crystal child and a collector of stones from an early age, Amethyst was Jussie's very first crystal she purchased for herself as a young adult. She is drawn to the protection of the stone. She considers it, "a safe haven stone", and hopes you can make Amethyst Lounge "Your New Safe Haven..."

In addition to offering spa services including lashes, brows, facials, reiki, aromatherapy, and shirodhara, they offer events such as meditations and sound baths, have a shop (on site and online) with amazing wellness and beauty products, have an ashram, AND have a nail artist on site who is so talented!

My Top 3 picks for gifts:
1. The Amethyst Subscription Box (It’s amazing... I even did an unboxing for them last month!)
2. Gift card for lash extensions or a lash lift (only place I trust to do my extensions!) or any other spa service (try reiki if you never have before!)
3. The Wolf Zen Elderberry Syrup (it’s delicious and a cold season staple at our house!) or Wolf Zen Lavender Chocolate Bar with CBD (Absolutely delicious).  

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