Monday, October 26, 2020

My Go To Leggings

Leggings. A necessity in every woman's wardrobe, especially during the 2020 global pandemic. Just saying. 

There are literally thousands of options for black leggings right now and it's impossible to try them all. Although, I often feel as though I've tried most of them. 

Here you'll find the leggings I own and love and why. I'm a firm believer in reading online reviews as well as asking friends, family, and perfect strangers about what they're wearing, loving, and why. 

Spanx faux leather leggings

They are worth every penny. In both pics above, I'm wearing them, in 2 different colors (top is navy, bottom is black camo, I also own them in solid black). Yes, I own the same leggings in three different colors/patterns. Yes, they are that good. They're beyond good. They're amazing. Like life changing amazing. A MUST HAVE wardrobe item for every woman, regardless of shape or size. Trust me. 

They run very long so if you're not tall, or have long legs, get yourself a petite pair. I'd say 5'5" and under go petite. And without question, size up one. They run tight and snug because they're designed to suck suck SUCK you in! And that they do! 

Regular Spanx leggings often are like tights. They're sheer, don't have as much substance, and are best under a dress. I don't find them to actually leggings. Make sure when you get yourself a pair that you get the faux leather ones. Yes, they have a bit of a sheen to them but it's not noticeable unless you're up close. My husband calls them my "fancy pants".  We can be fancy together.  

Zella leggings

I love my Zellas. They were my first "real" pair of leggings I ever bought. I'd just get random cheapy ones and when they rolled or didn't stay up or ripped I'd just go buy another cheap pair. Then I was introduced to Zellas. They have compression, but not too much. They stay up. They have a little side pocket. They come in different colors and some patterns. Best part? They're a Nordstrom brand so their return and exchange policy is exceptional so if it takes one or two times to find the right size and length you aren't paying an arm and a leg for multiple shipping fees.

There are several types of Zella leggings after trying what seems like all of them, the Live In Leggings are my favorite.  

It took me a LONG time to get on the Lulu train and I'm glad I did. They are thinner than most leggings, but not see-through thin. They're just lighter. They stay up, don't roll, fit and flatter, and are great for both working out as well as daily wear. 

I spent a solid 3 hours one day in a Lululemon store and tried on no less than 40 pairs of leggings. Between different styles, cuts, lengths, fits, and design, it took me a good chunk of time to find my size and the right style for me. I have to size down, two sizes actually, in Lulu leggings (that is something to make note of!) and after a lot of trial and error, the Align 7/8 Yoga Pant are my favorite they carry. If you don't want to spend $100 on a pair of these, check out my favorite Lulu knockoff below. 

These are the exact same leggings as my Lululemon Align pants. AND... I actually like these better than my Lululemon Aligns. Yes, I said it and will continue to openly admit it. And they're 1/3 the price (almost always on sale). They fit the same, feel the same, and I might even say they feel better quality. Eeeek. 

I almost feel you can't have a go to list of leggings without Old Navy on them. They're affordable. They're easy to grab. They come in a billion colors and patterns. I usually grab a pair or two when they're $12-15 on flash sale. 

And, for those asking, the cozy cardigan I'm wearing in several of these is my go to Barefoot Dreams cardigan. Worth the splurge, promise. 

Other leggings on my list and why:

These are the leggings I tend to turn to for yoga, walking, or hiking. They just have that 'gym' feel to me and feel more like a work out leggings than a lounge around or wear out and about legging. They also have amazing reviews. Reviews don't lie. Women love to tell their honest opinion, whether it's good or bad!

They're thicker and keep you warm in the fall and winter. They have a thick, wide waistband to suck and keep it all in. The do run big so size down one. I love them for lounging around the house in winter because they're just so cozy. 

Every time I compliment a stranger on their leggings, they say this brand. For $20-30 depending on pattern and color, it's hard to not jump on board with them! They're cozy, easy to wear, and hello Amazon prime shipping!

Whew. That's a lot of leggings, I know. BUT I pretty much wear leggings, loggers, or jeans now that I work from home. Heck, now that we all pretty much work from home. 

What are your go to leggings? 

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