Monday, April 26, 2021

Mother's Day Wish List

Mother's Day is right around the corner and oftentimes I am asked for suggestions for gifts for moms in peoples' lives.

First and foremost, a day off. A day to herself. A day where she doesn't have to think or plan or prep or answer questions or respond or even function at 1/10th regular mental or physical capacity. A day to sleep in (and not til 7:30, like legit SLEEP IN) without being bothered or hearing a car chase downstairs, a nice up of hot coffee where she can relish it and savor each sip, a long shower or bath alone (without interruptions), some time to lounge around and watch television of her choosing with no commentary, a delicious brunch that she doesn't have to cook or make her own reservations for or clean up or even decide to do, an afternoon nap or lazy day in the sunshine, and being told she's appreciated while treating her with appreciation. THAT is what you should gift her. 

If you want a tangible gift for her to unwrap and be overjoyed upon receiving, here's some fabulous suggestions of items I would personally love to receive.

I have been lusting over Lake Pajamas for years as their reviews shout from the rooftops of how amazing they are. Size up one because if they're tossed in the dryer they can shrink. Stick with a classic stripe, everyone loves a classic stripe. 

Possible corny but well worth it and I'm sure needed. She likely has the same bathrobe hanging up that she wore in the hospital when she had your child{ren} 
A gorgeous gingham cotton robe is lightweight enough to wear year round and a perfect fabulous treat she wouldn't gift herself.  

Every woman loves a good pair of shoes and Rothys are a win win across the board. They have an exceptional return and exchange policy so if you're off on size, they'll hook you up easily. 

4. Beautiful slippers (wear inside or outside)

Birdies are a luxurious treat most women wouldn't treat themselves too. They're normal shoes but the inside are soft like slippers. Trust, they're phenomenal.  

Jo Malone is a go to for a classic, fresh scent that flatters almost any woman's natural aroma. Many options and you can even do a set that includes a candle (definitely get the set with the candle for bonus points)  

6. A bathtime gift set (think new fabulous towel, a tray for the tub, a new book she'd love to read, a fabulous scented candle, and a bottle of wine all for her) 

7. A gorgeous new leather bag, you can even momogram it!

Taking something gorgeous and extra and then making it personalized is so thoughtful. 
8. Sentimental plants. She have a green thumb of love flowers? Head to the local garden center and get her a peony plant, a rose bush, or even a young cherry blossom tree. Watching it grow and bloom year over year, this is a great gift from the kids for mom!  

9. New beverage set. She like to entertain or treat herself now and again to a beverage. Have her enjoy that beverage in a beautiful glass with coordinating pitcher. Make it a set so she can enjoy it with friends too. This pottery barn set screams MOM and SUMMER all together at once.   

10. A custom sentimental piece of jewelry. I'm not talking little charms of the kids or a mother's ring or necklace. I'm talking something classic and simple she'll wear every day and never take off. I love YearlyCo bangles and would love to slowly collect them with each symbolizing my story. I also adore my local jeweler who finds the best gifts that do this too.

Moms deserve so much. Every day, not just on the Hallmark day. Remember that.        

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