Thursday, May 13, 2021

CT Hidden Gem: Wicked Tulips

For several years, I've seen friends post on social media about this tulip farm in Rhode Island and always was jealous. It looked glorious and picture-perfect. Almost too good to be true. And I'd always try to get tickets and when I could go, it was always sold out. Womp Womp. 

Well, they now have a property in Connecticut and I was able to finally get tickets this year. 

When I say it was glorious, I am NOT exaggerating. 

Ness and I were soooooo excited to check out alllll the tulips. 

He could not believe they were almost as big as he is! 

Can you tell he loved it there?

Rows upon rows of different varieties of tulips. 

As far as the eye can see.

He was quite proud of his bucket of tulips. 

He didn't want to leave. He just wanted to keep picking! 

Gorgeous, right?! No filter needed folks. 

So glad they have buckets you can borrow as our bucket was filled with water in the car ready for the long drive home! 

He wanted to smell them all. He said they smelled like flowers. LOL. 

Tulips upon tulips upon tulips! 

When you're done picking, they trim them for you and bundle them up in brown paper. 

I had a lot of fun arranging them when I got home. 

I'm so glad he loves a good morning adventure! This was totally and completely worth the 90 minute drive each way. I cannot recommend going enough. 

A few tips:

Bring your own bucket with water in the car to bring your flowers home in. They'll be thirsty!

Tulips prefer to be cut straight across, not at an angle, and ICE COLD water. 

It's $17 to get in and includes 10 flowers. However many you go over is $1 per flower. Fantastic if you have an over-picker like I did! 

Bring a hat, there's no shade and it's directly in the sun. We got hot very fast and it wasn't a hot day. 

When you pick them from the ground, pull up at the base where they meet the ground and you'll get a longer stem. Sometimes, the bulb comes out with it and that's ok. 

Order your tickets ahead of time and don't wait til the last minute to stalk the weather. Just get the tickets and go. It'll be worth it, I promise. Every year prior I waited because I was worried about the weather and always missed out. 

Have you ever been to Wicked Tulips before?

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