Saturday, August 25, 2018

Jonathan's Dream Park, West Hartford

This park TOTALLY lives up to it's name. It SURELY is a dream!

Jonathan's Dream is an incredible playground built on the grounds of the JCC in West Hartford. It is pretty much completely handicap-accessible and it spacious and roomy so even when it's crowded, it doesn't feel crowded.

The details that are in and around this park are amazing. These faux rocks look totally real but have a little soft cushion built in to compensate for littles falling.

Upon entering, you can just tell it's a dream!

There's lots of shaded areas for hot days and places to sit and have a snack too.

The basketball area is great for kids of all sizes and development. The different heights of the hoops make for fun for all ages!

The climbing apparatus screams CLIMB ON ME!

Lots of open areas for running around and chasing new friends.

The airplane area is our favorite. Just wait and see why....

The flying swing! It's like a zipline for kids! Just push them up to the high end and let go! They zip back and forth for a good 45 seconds and they LOVE it!

My toddler LOVES going to this playground. Any time we are up in West Hartford we MUST stop there!

Have you brought your kids to Jonathan's Dream yet?! What are you waiting for???

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