Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Stepping Stones, Norwalk

We had an absolute blast at Stepping Stones when we recently visited.

I will preface this with two big pieces of advice:

1) Do NOT go on a holiday weekend.

2) Do NOT go on a rainy day.

3) Do NOT go on a rainy, holiday weekend.

OK, that was really three, but you get my point.

The museum is 150% hands on activities and learning stations. My son, who's 2 and a half, loved it all! A good chunk of it is too big for him, but it didn't phase him one bit!

There's a great construction area that gives kids an opportunity for imaginative play. When it's not crazy crowded, we'll be spending almost all day here!

The light wall was the hit of the day!

We have a music-addicted child. Always drawn to instruments when they're available!

It took him a few times to realize these were not ride on trucks.

The water room was insanity. Good insanity, but still insanity!

There's a great outside area too. Lots of cushioned large building blocks to build forts and towers and make new friends!

Have you been to Stepping Stones yet?

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