Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019: A Year of BIG Change

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen this. But, I’m putting it out here to y’all in hopes for accountability and a safe place to share 😊 and, I’d love to know your honest thoughts! So leave me a comment below if you're so inclined... 

2019 starts today and I’ve taken some time to reflect on what I want to accomplish personally in the new year. My top nine of 2018 show that people like to see real life on Instagram. No filters, no nonsense, just peeks into our real life. Me being me and us being us.

So, that is my IG goal for 2019. Giving you a peek into my/our REAL life. I do not filter my pictures. I do not “pose”. I do not use a professional photographer to shoot my outfits. What you see is what you get, the real me. The real us. I will also transfer that here, to my blog, with a goal of being more present here.

While 2018 was a huge accomplishment for me with a resolution (a picture of myself every day for 365 days as a daily reminder that turning 40 is awesome) I do not have a resolution to share daily in 2019. I can’t take the personal pressure of that 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

My 2019 resolution is to be more present, which means less technology. More books. More memorable moments. More play. My son starts preschool this year so it’s my last bit of time to relish being home and being in the moment with him. And I want to maximize those moments.

I have decided to join Meg Hall in her #noshop19 challenge as well as Kari Montgomery in her #cultivatingacontentcloset challenge for 2019. I do not plan on shopping for the year for myself. Writing that SCARES me. BUT I am allowing myself one clothing item and one accessory at the end of the month provided I made it the whole month without a random purchase, should I choose to take advantage of it. I will also be fully cleaning and purging my entire house throughout 2019 and have a goal of one box/bag leaving my home each week. Yep- 52 boxes/bags leaving in 2019.

Putting this out to the internet world kind of scares me and frightens me but makes it more accountable that I know others are watching. I plan to do a lot of outfit planning on Instagram to maximize the pieces I do have and will use this space to keep track of that as well as share the process in getting to the dream closet/wardrobe I have envisioned in my head that seems so far from reality.

Thanks for reading and for joining me on this ride. Let’s do it 2019! #naomisclosetchallenge

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