Sunday, February 3, 2019

#noshop19 Month 1 Update

Yup. You read that right. In case you missed my new year's post. This year, I have given up shopping. Well, I have given up shopping for myself. No clothing, no accessories, no skincare, nothing for ME. Yes, I can still shop for my son, and yes, I can still shop for my husband. And yes, not to worry, I can still go grocery shopping. But for me, an AVID and what some might call a professional-bargain-hunter, giving up shopping for a year is no joke.

How has it been? Well, first of all, I will admit, it has been eye-opening for sure. The amount of time I spent scrolling randomly for good deals because of a "FLASH SALE" too good to pass up was bonkers. Plus, Poshmark has kind of sucked me in over the last two years for little things here or there because I have credits. So if it REALLY shopping?! {yes, it is really shopping, in my book at least}

A few things that helped me with this overwhelming and quite large personal challenge:

1. I unsubscribed from emails.

Like over 1000. Yeah, I know. It was crazy. And I've had to do it again because for some reason they subscribed me back! But, let me tell you how easy it has been to read my email each day. Mere minutes now, versus a good hour or more before!

2. I purged and sorted my closet.

This was a lot. I hear people spend a few hours doing it. I spent a week. And a few hours each day of that week to get through it. Yeah, it took a lot of time. But was it worth it? You better believe it. I have such an appreciation of what's in there now. And if I don't wear it this year, it's going. There's no need for me to have it "in case". In case what? I need that seventh white tee shirt. Nope.

I also had a lot of crap. Crap I didn't need. So the crap went.

I also was holding on to smaller sizes and bigger sizes because of the "what if". Well, what if I only had what fits me now and stayed with what fit me instead of allowing myself to fluctuate. Hmmmm. Life changing thought process right there.

And since taking these pictures, I am still parting with things. Like I've gotten rid of three pair of shoes so far.

3. I consigned and 'Poshmarked' things I no longer want or need.

I sorted what I was parting with and that also took a lot of time. I sorted into donations, regular consignment store, upscale consignment store, and Poshmark. I had a lot of accessories and jewelry I didn't wear anymore. A lot of presents and gifts. A lot of stuff. Just stuff. Why so much stuff?!

4. I unfollowed 1000 influencers on Instagram.

THIS. WAS. and IS. LIFECHANGING. Bloggers are now influencers and influencers are "swipe up and shop this must have item" and it was killing me! Why did I need another blue striped tunic? Or another pair of sandals? Or that adorable cardigan from Target?! As soon as I sat back and truly looked at who I was following who was putting out meaningful content to me, I unfollowed. And boy, it feels great!

5. I refuse to swipe up.

Don't do it. Just, Say. No. You don't need it. I swear.

6. I put my personal goal out into the universe.

I put it out here, on my blog. I put it out in my style insiders group on Facebook. I put it out on Instagram. And you know what? I lost several HUNDRED followers because of it. But guess what? Who cares.

7. I told my husband. 

This was the hardest! He asked me if I was ok! If I was sure?! Can I do it?! Duuuuude... I'm SO doing it now! Watch me.

8. I plan on rewarding myself when I make it. Not IF I make it.

Yep. Because I'm going to do it. Just watch me.

In my first month, here's what I bought outside of groceries and household needs. 
- Socks for my toddler. 18 cents. I had rewards at Old Navy and they were on sale. 12 pair, out of pocket 18 cents.
- 3 pair of boot socks for me. I had Loft rewards that were expiring. I needed a new pair of boot socks. I went in and they were on sale, so I was able to get 3 pair instead of one and not spend anything out of pocket because I just used rewards.
- Leopard Loeffler Randall booties via Poshmark. They arrived in January but I had bid on them in December and my offer was accepted. And I've worn them 4 times already. But I didn't BUY them in 2019 so it doesn't count. I'm just including it because it was added into my closet in 2019.

So, do you think I'm nuts? Insane? Stupid? Brave? All of the above? I honestly cannot believe I actually decided to do it. I mean seriously, I am a shopper. That's what I do. It's what I'm known for. I'm the bargain hunter, the deal finder, the stylist, I am THE SHOPPER.

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